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ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliance: why should they matter to PCB designers? – PADS Desktop PCB Design

ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliance are two standards to consider when evaluating PCB Design tools with extended capabilities in the cloud.

smart manufacturing competitive advantage

Smart manufacturing provides a competitive advantage

The innovations across the landscape of industrial machinery in manufacturing are witnessing a phenomenal overhaul of technological…

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What is New Product Introduction (NPI) and How Does it Apply to PCBs? | Valor DFM Solutions

The pace of PCB new product introductions has increased exponentially over the past few years – and with it the need for a proper NPI process. It’s not just that PCBs are used in more and more products across numerous industries; it’s also that more PCBs are needed in those products. For example, consider how many PCBs are used in even the lowest-end cars today versus how many were used years ago. As new-model cars become increasingly connected to online services, the need for PCBs will continue to grow….

smart manufacturing digitaltwin

Smart manufacturing and a digital twin

As technological advancements are dynamically changing in industrial machinery, it is a monumental task to…


Where are you in your digitalization efforts?

A digitalization strategy begins with an analysis of the business processes along the value chain, identifying gaps and creating a plan.

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Industry 5.0 already??? | Simcenter

Forget Industry 4.0, we are already seeing Industry 5.0 on the horizon according to KU Leuven industrial research manager Dr. Bert Pluymers.

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What is Design for Manufacturing? | Valor DFM Solutions

Design for Manufacturing is critical in the electronics industry to keep prices low and to facilitate the manufacturing process.

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Medical Devices MUST Be Secure | Embedded Software

Hardware and software aspects of medical device security.

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There are two types of CAD revolutions (features and platforms). The first create something completely new that was not possible before (think Pro-E and parametric features). Another one is platform shift. For many decades, CAD companies were playing the platform shift game. Remember Autodesk revolutionized the CAD by bringing AutoCAD that runs on PC instead


Design For Reliability

Circuit aging is emerging as a mandatory design concern across a swath of end markets, particularly in markets where advanced-node chips are expected to last for more than a few years. Some chipmakers view this as a competitive opportunity, but others are unsure we fully understand how those devices will age. Aging is the latest