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What’s new in MindSphere – June 2021

Connecting the things that run the world New MindSphere releases deliver advanced industrial IoT capabilities that bring the physical and digital worlds closer together. This month brings the Private cloud for MindSphere. As a result, this release expands deployment flexibility to meet additional business use cases. Read on to learn more about Private cloud for

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Low code platforms augment manufacturing operations to accelerate digital transformation

In the past 18 months, we have seen a dramatic resurgence in innovation in the manufacturing sector. In addition, the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has created new urgency in manufacturing agility and resilience. Across industries, we are prioritizing the need to quickly adapt to supply and demand changes with minimum disruption and resistance.

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Private Cloud for MindSphere now available

Adhere to strict regulatory compliance and data privacy needs while maximizing the value of IIoT data Private Cloud for MindSphere now available 8 With the most recent release of MindSphere on the private cloud, industries have a powerful solution for meeting strict regulatory needs regarding data privacy, while also not limiting the digital potential of

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With autonomous technology on the rise, how can automakers face the transformation?

There is a clear trend in the market for driverless automotive systems: the direction is upwards. Autonomous vehicle (AVs) sales are expected to rise sharply after 2030, with an estimated $7T market worth by 2050. Autonomous technology is becoming a reality, but the automotive industry will need to undergo a radical transformation in product development to deliver

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Continuity of the Digital Thread in Manufacturing

This is the second in a series of blogs where we discuss the requirement for detailed manufacturing engineering and operations orchestration today and the potential benefits that can be realized by utilizing Digital Manufacturing solutions. —– Production excellence is achieved with a digital thread connecting product engineering through product production all the way to product

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Filing digital transformation gaps with low-code applications

The road for manufacturers to fulfill digitalization is rugged, and there are many gaps to bridge. How can you fill digital transformation gaps in a way that will evolve with current and future needs?  Are there any solutions that could accelerate your digital transformation journey? An online survey conducted by Tech-Clarity, an independent research firm,

Six digital trends to watch for in 2021

In the last decade, digital transformation has certainly been on firms’ agendas. Not so much an urgent item, but a desirable one. The goal was usually quality, productivity, and improvements to the bottom line. In the last 12 months, the priority has shifted to the top. With the world upended by COVID-19, digital transformation has become

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Helping Red Bull Racing Achieve Efficiency, Consistency, and Cost-effectiveness

To attract new teams and ensure the sport’s viability, Formula 1® is revising its rules. Cost caps are being introduced to enable closer competition between large and small teams and promote financial sustainability across the sport. The 2022 season will bring drastically different technical regulations for Red Bull Racing and other teams; these rule changes

Digital twins are becoming a key tool for helping factories plan production processes. Source: Siemens

Digital twins, AR/VR bring simulation benefits to industrial automation users, says Siemens

Among the challenges that COVID-19 posed to manufacturers in 2020 was the need to plan for and maintain optimal production levels without sacrificing employee safety. As manifested in simulation and robotics, the convergence of digital and physical worlds provided tools for industry to adapt and even thrive in difficult times. Two sets of technologies can

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Digitalization in manufacturing: the need for monitoring and optimizing

Multiple disciplines are rapidly adopting digitalization in the public and private sectors. It is ongoing in mature disciplines such as education, healthcare, energy, utility management, transportation, and infrastructure development. Digitalization in manufacturing is the competitor you cannot ignore, and machine monitoring and optimization drive its success. In a recent survey from Tech-Clarity, over one-half of