NX CAM Turning Manufacturing

$1650 – Three Days Class

NX CAM Turning Manufacturing course is offered online or at the PLMVN campus.

NX CAM Turning Manufacturing Process is the core turning class designed to convey concepts, functionality and application of the turning module. Turning Manufacturing Process is taught from the perspective of an NC/CNC programming session and emphasizes programming concepts and techniques which take advantage of the latest developments in turning equipment and technology.

Course Materials

NX CAM Student Guides and activity materials will be provided.

    Learn NX CAM Turning Manufacturing

    conducted by highly experienced and professionals trainers

    Course Completion

    At the completion of NX CAM Turning Manufacturing the student will productively develop solid models, detail drawings and product assemblies.


    • Windows Experience
    • Completion of NX CAM Fundamentals
    • Thorough understanding of NC/CNC programming principles
    • Thorough understanding of manual 3-, 4-, and 5-axis NC/CNC programming methods and procedures


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