Solid Edge Fundamentals

$2250 – Five Days Class

Solid Edge Fundamentals course is offered online or at the PLMVN campus.

This course focuses on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the use of Solid Edge. It uncovers all of the potential uses of production level solid modeling and introduces techniques for using Synchronous Technology. This course also provides an overview of the Solid Edge User interface, adding features, sketching tools, and various techniques in both the Traditional and Synchronous environments.

Course Materials

Solid Edge Fundamentals Student Guides (Volumes 1 and 2) and Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology supplement will be provided on USB Drive.

    Learn Solid Edge Fundamentals

    conducted by highly experienced and professionals trainers

    Course Completion

    Students will learn how to utilize Solid Edge to design production level parametric models of parts, assemblies, detail drawings and document management. They will also be familiar with the Solid Edge user interface, adding features, sketching tools and various modeling techniques in the Traditional environment as well as the Synchronous environment.


    • Mechanical Design Experience
    • Windows Experience
    • Completion of some of the Solid Edge Tutorials delivered with the product


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