Increase productivity of output using validated and tailored NC programs using NX Post Processors.

PLMVN provides custom NX Post Processors with Machine Simulation & Optimization

Post Processing & Machining Simulation

Generate NC programs with NX ‘s integrated post processor for a wide variety of CNC system tools. The machine-ready NC programs allow you to increase the usability of machine tools and the overall efficiency of production.

To verify operations before you start production, leverage the digital twin of your machines and entire production lines. You can optimize production processes and eliminate errors on the shop floor by using NX CAM’s integrated G-code-driven computer simulation.

PLMVN can help you with below operations

Post Processing

2 & 3 axis
4 & 5 axis
Multi-channel machines (up to 11-axis)
Custom/Build your own

Machine Simulation

Post Processor Simulation (What do we use for this and a short explanation on how?)
Developed with Machine Configurator with built-in ISV simulation

G-Code Simulation

What do we use and what does it allow us to do?

Tool-path Optimization

Analyze your c=machining process and shorten the time of programming and machining which will end up saving money. What do we use to do this?

All major CNC Machines and Controllers are supported.

If you want to make sure yours is supported, Get in touch with us.

PLMVN can help you with below operations

Resulted Machine-Ready NC Programs

NX has its own post processor system that is closely related to the CAM core system. For almost any form of machine tool and controller configuration, you can easily generate the necessary NC code. A variety of posts that support a wide range of machine tools are provided by the online post processor library.

NX CAM also provides a Post Configurator for several machine-controller setups that allow you to quickly build and modify post processors. You can define parameters for the necessary NC codes easily by using its graphical user interface.

NX CAM offers an optimized post processor for Sinumerik controllers, which automatically selects key controller settings based on data from machining operations. In order to drive efficient development, you can generate full shop documentation, including the optimized NC software, tooling list, and setup sheet.

Validate Machining Processes

The NX CAM major advantage encourages integrated simulation and verification, enabling you to review tool paths during the NC programming session.

Multiple capacity levels are available. For example, material removal verification helps you to verify and optimize machining operations while you program.

The simulation of the G-code-based machine tool demonstrates the motion driven from the NC code performance of the internal post processor of the NX. The system’s 3D model – with the component, fixtures, and tooling – moves in the way the machine tool moves as the G-code is processed.

    NX Post Processor Support

    PROLIM’s experts are also available for consulting.

    PROLIM’s NX CAM post processor solutions have been successfully implemented with customers across a variety of industries. Each time, delivering reliable, accurate, and optimized solutions.

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