Data conversion services from PLMES.

CAD Conversion

Data conversion services from PLMES, offer our clients a well-established system that includes documentation methods and infrastructure to translate their design data (both manually or from CAD systems) to other systems, efficiently and economically. We implement various modelling approaches for assemblies, analysis, manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and digital mockups.

Our expertise includes:

  • The exact accuracy you need.
  • NX <> CATIA Translation
  • NX <> Pro/E Translation
  • Capacity for all sizes of projects.
  • Output to any CAD formats.
  • Quick turnaround even on large jobs.
  • The ability to incorporate redlining or disregard it.
  • Element symbology and level (layer) assignment to your Standard.
  • The use of your standard cell (block) libraries, dimensioning styles, fonts, etc. gif maker 9

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