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Solid Edge

Solid Edge is the most proficient, hybrid 2D/3D design system on the market. With Synchronous Technology, designing assemblies and managing workflow is fast and easy – in fact, design times can be up to 100x faster than the competition.

The Solid Edge Difference

Features to the machine you forward

Reuse Designs on the Spot
Make quick changes to models regardless of the authoring source, and directly edit/change imported geometry.
Directly Interact with your Model
39% of designers struggle with model creation. Synchronous Technology has the ability to eliminate this problem.
Redesign with No Model Regeneration
Make changes without your model regenerating. Leverage Solid Edge’s Live to capture design intent.
Directly Interact with your Model
Accelerate your design process by using a history-free environment. Each part is independent of all others.

Solid Edge Requirement

System Requirements

Operating system requirements and information & minimum system configuration. Check out the list of all the requirements you need to run the Solid Edge. Learn more about the system requirement.

Modular Plant Design

Why MPD?

Solid Edge Modular Plant Design solutions streamline workflow processes with linked 3D piping, support for piping and instrumentation diagrams( P&ID), and Isogen® output.

Solid Edge Subscriptions

Monthly or Annual

While it’s cheaper to buy a Solid Edge license outright, we understand that it’s not always economically feasible. That’s why we’re happy to offer monthly & yearly paid subscriptions.

Get Started with the Right Ally

Jump on board with the global leader in subscription sales of Solid Edge
Team up with the supporter of the most seats of all Solid Edge resellers
It’s in our DNA: 100% of our application engineers have expertise in Solid Edge

Why Solid Edge

Maximize Your Productivity with Solid Edge
Solid Edge software offers a complete digital design solution to mid-market manufacturing companies – providing 2D and 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, design management and finite element analysis. Featuring Synchronous Technology, users can use the tool to…

  • rapidly make changes through direct interaction, in early and late design stages, without the model rebuilding geometry
  • easily reuse geometry
  • work across multiple parts within an assembly at one time
  • work with imported geometry as if it were native
  • quickly and easily create production-ready drafting and documentation
  • simulate parts using technology based on Femap and Nastran

Solid Edge offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any CAD solution. It allows you to make changes more quickly than possible with history-based software, meaning you can design and get products to market much faster. And with built-in simulation, you can also reduce the costs associated with physical prototyping.

Solid Edge also seamlessly adopts all CAD products thanks to the Solid Edge development team, who takes user interaction to a whole new level. Solid Edge will help you swiftly meet and exceed all of your requirements for design and project completion time.

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