IoT based Windmill Monitoring System.

Windmill Monitoring

Windmill monitoring application is an end to end solution which addresses the challenge of monitoring and managing Windmills in remote locations. The dashboard displays all the Windmill farms that are being monitored and allows user to drill-down to a specific Windmill and view real-time data.

windmill featuers
windmill dasboar
Edge Analytics
  • Implementing critical decision making logic at the edge level which needs the lowest possible latency.
  • Helps decide what data should be sent to the cloud for further analysis and reducing cost and computation need.
  • Gateways designed to work with the edge can alleviate security concerns by keeping sensitive data within a local network and analyzing it within a secure system.
Remote Monitoring
  • Hard-to-Reach Assets: Increased safety, reduced legwork, and consistent standard maintenance checks are the obvious benefits for remotely located or impossible to access equipment.
  • Troubled Assets: Equipment which is still running but damage signatures indicate that it might be on the last leg of its lifecycle. 24/7 monitoring can be used to keep the equipment operating until the maintenance is planned.
Preventive Maintenance
  • Issues are identified based on machine performance reading and thresholds.
  • The problem is recognized in early phases using a preventive maintenance plan.
  • Help reduce equipment downtime and the number of major repairs.
  • Reduce overtime cost and more economical use of maintenance worke
Expected vs Actual Productivity
  • Monitoring and comparing the actual performance outcome of the machine with the expected and helping management to understand the reason for the gap using the data collected from the machine.

Building Smart Solutions

Geo Locations

Dashboard displays the geolocation of all Windmill farms being monitored. User can select a specific windmill in a particular farm and view the unique Windmill Id, exact location of Windmill, Turbine and connection status. User can drilldown further to view the real-time data in the Dashboard.

windmill location tab

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