Bill of Materials (BOM) is a centralised data source

Benefits of BOM Management

PLMVN BOM Management provides a single definition of a product by combining and joining all of the information and attributes used to design, manufacture and support that product in a structured, multi-level engineering Bill of Materials (BOM).

Bill of materials (BOM) management capabilities in Teamcenter can help your customers know about their products and understand whether they consist of 10 parts managed with basic processes and tools, or more complex products containing millions of parts, requiring more advanced tools, flexibility and scalability. With Bill of materials management capabilities in Teamcenter enable customers to define and configure a complete BOM definition, work in context, and extend support beyond design and engineering to manage the entire life of the BOM.


With increasingly complex products, organizations, product lifecycles, and supply chains, companies struggle to maintain an accurate product definition for all stakeholders. Many companies find different parts of the enterprise maintaining their own representation of the BOM. It is very difficult to keep the representations in sync, leading to costly mistakes, rework, and delays. Users and groups waste time focusing on out-of-scope, incorrect, or out-of-date information.

Using Teamcenter enables you to address these issues by helping manage your complete BOM definition across the entire lifecycle in a single environment: from simple computer-aided design (CAD) structures to complex product definitions that include advanced effectivity configuration or platform-based products with a diverse range of options. This single source of information enables you to flexibly configure your product and manage families of products instead of creating copies of discrete product variants. This approach lets you bring a broader range of products to the market with minimal additional effort. It also facilitates increased re-use and end-of-life planning of design solutions, which improves BOM accuracy and reduces cycle time, and ultimately minimizes your development costs.

Benefits of BOM Management

  • It Ensure accuracy with a complete BOM definition
  • Provide clarity with BOM analysis capabilities
  • It Improve success with product configuration capabilities
  • It helps to reduce risk with digital validation of product configurations in context
  • Reduce errors with automated data synchronization across product views
  • Improve productivity and collaboration with work-in context capabilities
  • Eliminate rework and reduce costs by sharing your BOM downstream

More specifically, Teamcenter provides key BOM Management capabilities to help you:

  • Define and configure
  • Work in context
  • Extend lifecycle support


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