Essentials for NX Designers

$2250 – Five Days Class

Essentials for NX Designers course is offered online or at the PLMVN campus.

Essentials for NX Designers as the initial class, is designed to launch students on the path of productivity. This course is designed to meet the student’s expectation to transfer classroom instruction to productivity on the job. The Essentials for NX Designers course ignites the student through professional instruction pertaining to product model design, product model detailing, assembly modeling and the basics of the master model concept.

Course Materials

NX Student Materials along with data set will be provided on USB drive.

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    Course Completion

    At the completion of Essentials for NX Designers the student will productively develop solid models, detail drawings, and product assemblies. The class introduces assembly modeling in the context of a real-life scenario that includes parts modeled by the student as well as part models that have already been created. This reinforces the student’s understanding of the flexibility of the solid modeling and assembly tool as it can be applied in the real world of product development collaboration. As with each course developed and taught by an PLMVN Application Engineer with Siemens PLM Software certification, the Essentials for NX Designers class capitalizes on the PLMVN Engineer’s intimate knowledge of the software’s development and instructs the students based on the underlying principles incorporated within the NX software.


    • Mechanical Design Experience
    • Windows Experience


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