At PLMES we believe a product’s true value.


Value Engineering

Value = Function/Cost

At PLMES, we believe the true value of a product lies between the functionalities of that product, and the actual costs to make the modifications. We help our clients capitalize on their investments by utilizing our teams of subject matter experts who have substantial domain knowledge and experience within multiple industries.

Our approach to Value Engineering is methodical and comprehensive:

  • Information Gathering: The team starts with a detailed study of what the requirements are for the object. Function analysis is typically done in this initial stage, as it tries to determine what functions or performance characteristics are important.
  • Creation of Alternatives: Various alternate ways of meeting requirements, adding new enhancement functions and other alternatives are generated.
  • Evaluation: All the alternatives are assessed by evaluating how well they meet the required functions and how great will the cost savings be, followed by a thorough feasibility validation.
  • Presentation/Decision: In this final stage, the options are reviewed, and the best alternative will be chosen and presented to the client.

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