NX CAD New Version Update

$650 – Two Days Class

NX CAD New Version Update course is offered online or at the PLMVN campus.

The NX CAD New Version Update course will provide information and exercises that introduce the newest version of Unigraphics/NX that is released. It will cover skills and concepts central to the use of NX and proper utilization of these new features.

Course Materials

NX CAD Student Guides and an NX CAD data set will be provided on USB Drive.

    Learn NX CAD New Version Update

    conducted by highly experienced and professionals trainers

    Course Completion

    At the completion of NX CAD New Version Update, students will have learned how to effectively use the new features of the current version of NX. These techniques and tools will enhance the user’s knowledge of NX as well as increase user’s productivity on the job using the latest, greatest technology available.


    • Mechanical Design Experience
    • Windows Experience
    • Completion of Essentials for NX Designers Training

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