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Dieseko, a construction equipment supplier in Sliedrecht, Netherlands, is committed to making their worldwide clients successful through innovative equipment and excellent service. Dieseko chose Teamcenter Rapid Start product data management (PDM) software, preconfigured with best practices to speed deployment and return on investment.

With Teamcenter Rapid Start, Dieseko has one system that can grow from PDM to more advanced product lifecycle management (PLM). Teamcenter is the key to Dieseko’s strategy for digitization and automation, helping them achieve their commitment to making worldwide clients successful through innovative equipment and customer service.

Teamcenter manages Solid Edge designs and other product-related data and streamlines business processes across development, sales, procurement, production, and service.

We want to facilitate all the upstream and downstream processes in our company…
We have one truth in all the company, and all the departments use the same information
so there is much, much less chance that we make mistakes.

Rob Eijkens, Manager Innovation & Product Development

Learn more about Dieseko by watching this short video, or learn more about preconfigured enterprise product data management that can grow from PDM to PLM.

For Diesko, the convenience of having all product-related information in one system drives productivity across the business. With the broad reach of Teamcenter — beyond the engineering work group — departments including purchasing, logistics, and production have visibility to up-to-date, accurate product information.

I spend less time answering questions from people that need to know if they have the correct information, and more time developing.

— Timo van Dongen, Engineer

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