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The marine industry is undergoing major changes impacting the design, engineering, and manufacturing of all types of seagoing vessels. For instance, the class ranges of next-generation yachts and pleasure boats are growing, becoming more complex. Demand for more fuel-efficient models, longer range, and higher performance is increasing. The decisions on the material mix and associated costs are a big deal where light-weighting is a concern, and higher quality drives the buyer decision process. These changes pose new challenges that must be addressed to succeed in the fast-changing marine industry.

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Oyster Yachts: Increasing efficiency by adopting a standard digital platform

Leading yacht and boat builders worldwide are addressing these challenges with engineering software from Siemens Digital Industries Software. Oyster Yachts, the luxury British boatbuilder,  designs, builds, delivers, and supports 50- to 120-foot blue-water sailboats capable of sailing safely anywhere in the world. Until 2020, they were using a range of software and a variety of file storage methods. Craig Bulmer, Lead Mechanical Design Engineer, identified one of the challenges: ”It became clear that we needed a standard platform so we could improve the integrity of our data.” As a result, Oyster Yachts went through a formal selection process, and this led to implementing NX™ software for product design and Teamcenter® software for data management. “We are delighted because we have already gained so much of an advantage from using NX for modeling, mechanical routing, surfacing, and large assembly handling,” says Bulmer. “We can also see future potential; for example, we intend to use NX for laminate overlays.”

Princess Yachts elegantly balances attention to detail and speed with NX and Teamcenter.

Based in southwest England, Princess Yachts exemplifies the international standards of excellence set by the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) family of companies to which it belongs.  The company is renowned for graceful hulls that are agile and efficient and interiors that exude quality and style and are cleverly resolved. Founder David King explains the appeal of a Princess yacht: “We have a product that performs in all conditions and is timeless in its good looks. For Princess, every aspect of a boat has to be thought through and resolved, with elegance and without compromise.” The only way to maintain a high production rate and advance the highest standards of quality is to utilize technology to facilitate the development process. Princess has a long-standing partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software and uses NX™ software for computer-aided design (CAD) and Teamcenter® software for storing information and managing workflows. Rob Coleman, the company’s development operations manager, says, “NX gives us speed, efficiency, and design freedom, and Teamcenter enables us to control information. We can all view a complex product design and make sense of it.”

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Princess Yachts R35

BAR Technologies creates a next-generation sport yacht

With an optimized hull and dynamically adjusting foils that enable greater efficiency over a wider range of speeds, R35 is a boat designed for both performance and comfort. The Princess Yachts R35 was made possible by BAR Technologies, an engineering consultancy service emphasizing high performance and superyachts. The team has a unique method of using NX’s scripting capabilities to generate numerous potential hull geometries, then harnesses the power of Simcenter STAR- CCM+ to optimize the hull through rapid static and dynamic simulation.

In a recent webinar on digitalization in the marine industry, Simon Schofield, Chief Technology Officer, BAR Technologies, shared how they:

  • Gained up to 30 percent more fuel efficiency at cruising speeds
  • Enhanced performance, seakeeping, and comfort
  • Attained accurate manufacturing by using precise geometry
  • Enabled collaboration between remote teams

Watch the webinar to learn how BAR Technologies created a new class of sport yachts using state-of-the-art digital design, simulation, program management, and manufacturing solutions.

To explore NX’s capabilities and how they can help you get your product to market faster, check out the interactive NX graphic.

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