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Production shuts down due to an unexpected maintenance issue. Siloed teams are working off inaccurate data. Complications increase costs and time to market. The supply chain slows to a crawl.

The problems an individual company faces are exhausting.

But digital technology can help solve these challenges, but the digital transformation has not been easy.

So, we started thinking…

What if our hardware was already IoT enabled, and all you had to do was plug and play?

What if applications were open and interoperable, so you weren’t locked into the solutions of one company?

What if you had the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly?

What if there was a platform that enabled all of this?

Good news.

There is.

We have launched Siemens Xcelerator: our open digital business platform that will accelerate digital transformation for countless companies, our partners, and everyone in our growing ecosystem. We are committed to openness and simplicity, making all our digital portfolios modular, cloud-connected, and interoperable.

Now companies of all sizes can access digital technologies to transform how they compete, collaborate and connect.

When we combine the real and digital worlds, we can achieve new levels of flexibility and bring products to market faster. It means teams can collaborate from anywhere, giving companies a competitive advantage.

Watch the Siemens Xcelerator Launch 2022 with CEO Roland Busch, which includes interviews with Jensen Huang from Nvidia, Milan Nedeljkovic from BMW and Jeremy Legg from AT&T.


Disclaimer: I am the author at PLM ECOSYSTEM, focusing on developing digital-thread platforms with capabilities across CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, ERP, and IT systems to manage the product data lifecycle and connect various industry networks. My opinions may be biased. Articles and thoughts on PLMES represent solely the author's views and not necessarily those of the company. Reviews and mentions do not imply endorsement or recommendations for purchase.

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