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Are you considering cloud product lifecycle management (PLM) technology as a competitive advantage? With the world’s technology continuously increasing efficiency, the digital transformation of enterprises is more prevalent now than ever. The development of smart, connected products drives an increasingly complex product lifecycle, which calls for more advanced software solutions.

What is Cloud Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)?

Cloud-based PLM technology can eliminate technical barriers by allowing users to securely access product information from anywhere – working from home or the office — with technology that allows for growth and innovation. For companies with design teams and manufacturing facilities spread around the globe, digitalization through cloud technology provides a proven, secure and reliable way of working. Many successfully embrace a PLM in the cloud strategy where all the benefits of cloud and product lifecycle management (PLM) come together:

  • PLM software allows stakeholders to quickly get to the information needed to do their job, without the worry of working with the wrong data, losing track of data, or spending too much time looking for what they need in various data silos.
  • Visual collaboration is another benefit of PLM, where 2D and 3D data is easily viewed, analyzed, and shared throughout the enterprise.
  • Cloud technology eliminates technical barriers and, when matched with PLM, can help companies innovate faster. Users can securely access product lifecycle information from anywhere, on any device, and at any time, whether they’re working from their home, the office, in New York, or in New Delhi.

PLM cloud revolutionizes the industry by letting users securely access product lifecycle management (PLM) information from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. It helps companies manage their digital twin efficiently so they can bring innovative products to market, faster.

PLM Cloud Benefits

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Modern PLM deployments that take advantage of a cloud platform significantly reduce the amount of time companies spend on managing and operating IT, which mean companies can focus more on what they are most interested in – business growth and innovation.

  • The latest and best cloud technology provides highly available and durable deployments.
  • Cloud technology provides unmatched scalability.  Cloud services are built to scale, and size as needed, and are used for critical PLM components, including database and storage.  Customers get the same fast PLM performance no matter how heavy their workloads are.
  • The cloud also provides reliability. Customers can breathe more easily knowing that their intellectual property managed in PLM is well protected against data loss and security risks.  The scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure for PLM is available through many regions across the globe.
  • Should the need arise, customers can quickly, efficiently, and consistently grow their PLM environment with their business, to go global in minutes. Traditional IT barriers that may slow down, or restrict access and growth, are no longer an issue.

How to choose between on-premises and cloud-based PLM?

There are a lot of articles and information available on the internet today discussing the differences of various PLM deployment options, including on-premises and cloud. Based on your business needs, company size, IT resource capacity, etc. — both options have their own benefit and can be summarized by the following:

  • On-premises deployment: provide complete control over your data, software, and hardware while offering flexibility as it pertains to customizing and upgrading your software
  • Cloud deployment: Typically zero upfront capital costs while also removing the pressure of maintaining and updating your systems for significantly less investment in IT infrastructure and staff.

Since PLM in the cloud opens the door for companies of every size to get up and running quickly on product lifecycle management and realize a fast return on investment, the industry has seen an increasing number of companies adopt the software.

Accelerate your business goals with Teamcenter X

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With its many benefits, cloud for business has transcended multiple industries and is leveraged by companies of all types and sizes. If you’re looking for PLM to improve your product lifecycle outcomes, reduce costs, and innovate faster – why not consider PLM in the cloud with Teamcenter X? Created with product innovators in mind, Teamcenter X builds on Siemens’ experience with quick-start product lifecycle management (PLM) to allow companies of all sizes to get up and running fast with simplified, preconfigured cloud solutions, with years of industry expertise built-in. Teamcenter X provides instant-on access to the only cloud SaaS PLM offering that supports a multi-domain digital twin, combining electrical, mechanical, and software elements into a single bill of materials, built on a modern cloud platform.

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