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A low-code generative engineering platform accelerates product development.

The traditional product development process is notoriously time-intensive. Engineers often have specific and isolated expertise and continually complete manual iteration loops. That’s where ELISE comes in. ELISE created its groundbreaking, low-code generative engineering platform, knowing there had to be a better, more efficient approach to product development. Their system allows an engineer to input specific parameters while the computer can quickly create and analyze an optimized design. With its open platform model, ELISE can seamlessly integrate with a customer’s choice of computer-aided design, Manufacturing, and Analysis (CAx) tools,  thus accelerating the pace of innovation.

ELISE began its journey with Siemens as a startup by integrating Parasolid software, the high-quality 3D geometric modeling kernel from Siemens, into their low-code development platform. By leveraging Parasolid from Siemens, ELISE developed its generative engineering platform faster and has provided a premium product to its users that is compatible with its other Parasolid-based applications.

Building on top of Parasolid was only the beginning of its journey with Siemens. ELISE collaborated with the Siemens NX Algorithmic Modeling team to create an integration for enhancing algorithmically controlled designs. NX Algorithmic modeling allows engineers to create complex designs that previously could only be made through days of iterations or would require advanced programming skills. Combining the industry-proven solutions powered by NX and ELISE’s extensive additional functionality, designers can build complex, algorithmically driven designs quickly and intuitively.

Siemens empowers startups

ELISE partnered with Siemens as an early-stage startup through the Frontier Partner Program. Frontier helps early-stage technology startups develop and bring breakthrough solutions for additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, robotics, and augmented and virtual reality to market. By leveraging Siemens’ technology, ELISE has been able to innovate the future of design with its low-code engineering platform. Once a member of our Xcelerator for Startups program, ELISE officially became a Software and Technology Partner. Software partners can leverage the open Siemens Xcelerator platform to provide complementary products that are either extensions or interoperate with Siemens products.

Join the webinar to learn more

Interested in learning more about NX Algorithmic Modeling and how ELISE is partnering with Siemens? Join the Elegant Europa Product Release Webinar on July 19th to introduce the Siemens NX integration and other features. A recording will be provided if you cannot attend the live event.

ELISE is a low-code platform for engineers that accelerates product development by a factor of ten, as proven by numerous customers in the automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods industries such as Airbus, BMW, EDAG and Miele. It achieves this by integrating all relevant data, tools, and expert knowledge into a single environment where engineers can store, share and reuse their work.

Xcelerator for Startups

Siemens empowers startups. Through the Xcelerator for Startups program, Siemens offers a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and services. Whether you are an entrepreneur in product design, system simulation, operations, IoT, lifecycle analytics, or in search of development tool kits, Siemens has a software solution. From product conception to business scale-up, Siemens can support you throughout all stages of your startup journey.


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