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Die designers and manufacturers are under a lot of pressure. End customers demand, even expect, to see increasing levels of quality, accuracy, and consistency. Customers apply pressure to shorten delivery lead times and lower the price point you charge for your services. In turn, companies are looking to streamline complex progressive die processes and automate tedious tasks for time savings.​

In this webinar presenters Daks Azhagappan, Senior Product Manager, and Nick Daumann, Senior Marketing Coordinator of Siemens Digital Industries Software will discuss some of the challenges facing Die design and manufacturers and how to overcome them.

Best practices for Die designers and manufacturers includes:

  • A single platform for die design​
  • Advanced automation for design and manufacturing
  • Upfront validation and visualization​

From design to tool validation, NX Progressive Die tools offer a new type of solution for the design of progressive dies. Manufacturers will shorten their delivery times and automate their tool design processes​

Accelerate progressive die design through streamlined automation 4

In this webinar viewers will learn:

  • How to achieve high levels of productivity using automated processes and accurate visualization tools
  • How to harness improved team collaboration
  • How to enable enhanced workflows for improved quality and shorter lead times

Sign up and watch now, On-Demand, the Formed Metal Component Development Progressive Die Design webinar.

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