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Connecting the things that run the world

New MindSphere releases deliver advanced industrial IoT capabilities that bring the physical and digital worlds closer together.

This month brings the Private cloud for MindSphere. As a result, this release expands deployment flexibility to meet additional business use cases. Read on to learn more about Private cloud for MindSphere and why we are so excited about its release.

Additional updates include many of the newest and most exciting capabilities from the most recent MindSphere IoT releases:

  • Private cloud for MindSphere now available
  • New app for enhanced transparency into your MindSphere usage data
  • Expanded connectivity with updated firmware for MindConnect Software Agent
  • Remotely detect, analyze and repair field issues with Asset Health & Service Hub
  • Simplified IIoT data consumption in Mendix applications with MindSphere IIoT for makers

Private Cloud for MindSphere now available

With MindSphere IoT available on the private cloud, industries have a powerful solution for meeting strict regulatory needs. In other words, sensitive data privacy can be maintained, while also not limiting the digital potential of their assets and fleets. The IIoT is now a viable and strong option for customers working within strict security constraints.

Read more about it here.

Enhanced transparency into your MindSphere IoT usage data with the Usage Transparency Service

With new and improved Usage Transparency for operator apps, application operators and application customers have access to aggregated usage data. In other words, this data can be vital to billing operation efficiency. Aggregated usage data consists of one aggregated record for a month and is provided by both a GET aggregated API of Usage Transparency and through the Usage Transparency app as a downloadable data file.

Expand connectivity with updated firmware for MindConnect Software Agent

Take advantage of a more flexible connectivity solution for your IIoT solutions. For example, MindConnect Software Agent is now capable of connecting to a wider range of devices such as:

  • S7Plus
  • Sinumerik PL
  • MT Connect
  • IEC 61850
  • Fanuc Focas

Simplified configuration of these assets can be done via the already existing MindConnect Asset Manager plugin. In addition, MindConnect Software Agent can be used as an Edge Device for MindConnect Edge Analytics.

Remotely detect, analyze and repair field issues with Asset Health & Service Hub

The newly released Asset Health & Service Hub solution enables users to remotely and efficiently detect, analyze, repair and track issues in the field before they harm machines or disrupt operations. A single cockpit allows you to integrate key capabilities of MindConnect Edge Analytics and Integrated Remote Service to efficiently solve service issues.

A rich set of features and capabilities make remote asset health monitoring possible:

Manage tickets for open alarms and detected anomalies

Analyze data from assets in the time and frequency domain

Empower field technicians with the tools they need

Simplified IIoT data consumption in Mendix applications with MindSphere IIoT for Makers

MindSphere IIoT for Makers is an app service that provides customers with an account to connect industrial equipment and consume their IIoT data in Mendix applications. With MindSphere IIoT for Makers, our customers can:

  • Easily connect and manage industrial machinery
  • Build or extend a Mendix application
  • Use standard IIoT applications in MindSphere
  • Use a seamless single-sign-on between MindSphere and Mendix accounts
  • Simply consume IIoT data from MindSphere in Mendix applications

With the use of MindSphere IIoT for Makers, MindSphere customers have an integrated developer experience that allows them to build and launch personalized industrial IoT applications. Bring the power of low-code and the depth of IIoT together to build a digital solution suited to your business demands.

For complete details and availability on the new features of MindSphere and its supporting MindSphere releases, please refer to the MindSphere Releases NotesMindSphere Region Table and new features presentations offered for all.

Want to try MindSphere for free? Start today with MindSphere Start for Free.

And, as always, hop on over to the public community and website for all things MindSphere.

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