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The Siemens NX X offering stands above other CAD cloud offerings by providing the same advanced design capabilities found in NX on desktop. It is now easier for users of NX X to work and collaborate from anywhere, at any time, on any device. This flexibility provides companies the ability to scale their number of CAD users based on their business needs without the traditional overhead costs associated with procurement, management and upgrade of on-premise workstations.

Learn – Perform – Get Certified with Xcelerator Academy

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Included training through Xcelerator Academy also makes it easy for new NX users to be onboarded and hit the ground running. Get started with NX X and Xcelerator Academy with 24/7 access to self-paced learning, on-demand videos, self-guided lab exercises, knowledge checks and assessments to assess your progress. Learn more about NX X training here.

After you have reached the first important milestone of being enabled to work with NX X, you might want to dive deeper into the concepts and capabilities, features and functions of NX X to improve your daily work efficiency and unveil the full potential of the NX X solution for your business: explore the Learning Map to identify the right learning journey for your role.

To showcase to the world what you have achieved, Xcelerator Academy offers industry-standard certifications to gain on-the-job proficiency and a competitive advantage. Join our Siemens community of certified Associates and Professionals today!

This article first appeared on the Siemens Digital Industries Software blog at https://blogs.sw.siemens.com/xcelerator-academy/2022/06/28/nx-x-a-revolutionary-new-solution-from-siemens/

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