parasolid xt viewer

Siemens’ openly available JT2Go viewer app now supports geometric models based on the Parasolid XT file format

Parasolid is a geometric modeling engine used by hundreds of software applications in product design, simulation and manufacture. As a result, millions of designers and engineers benefit from using the Parasolid XT file format to archive and share precise (B-rep) 3D geometric models. The Parasolid model viewer enables anyone to view and measure a Parasolid model at no cost, and with no requirement for a third-party application.

parasolid xt viewer
Viewing and measuring an XT file using the free JT2G0 viewer

Siemens has delivered this solution by enhancing its existing free viewer, JT2Go, which has already been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users to explore 3D models in Siemens’ JT file format. JT is the most widely used format for lightweight (tessellated) 3D model visualization and collaboration. The latest release of the JT2Go viewer – version 13.3 – introduces support for direct interaction with the Parasolid XT file format.

Parasolid and the XT format

Parasolid and the XT format are ideal for modeling and sharing precise 3D geometric models for numerous reasons, including:

• Quality and performance of the Parasolid geometric modeling kernel
• Forward/backward compatibility of the XT format across versions of the Parasolid modeling kernel
• Open availability of Parasolid and its published file format specification

parasolid metrics
Parasolid market penetration

These factors have resulted in millions of users benefitting from the Parasolid XT format. For instance, according to Romaric Bouny, Product Manager, Lumiscaphe:

“Through our integration of Parasolid…, Patchwork 3D can access 3D model data from the Parasolid universe, where millions of end-users create and edit complex models with Parasolid.”

To start viewing Parasolid XT files in JT2Go, visit this page, where you’ll find details about downloading versions for desktop and/or mobile platforms.

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