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Your product is designed, manufacturing is planned and in process, but you still have the artwork and packaging design to complete before you can ship. Teamcenter integrations with Adobe CC Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop help you bring your product to market faster.

These authoring applications are the industry standard, yet most designers are still working in silos, separate from the supporting product information. As a result, artists and designers end up copying and pasting product information, communicating with engineering via email when design changes occur, and redrawing artwork from engineering sources. Now you can use the Adobe applications you are familiar with and manage the content in the context of product design and lifecycle.

This provides multiple benefits:

  • Marketing and package designers receive product updates as they happen. Product information is available in a highly visual and interactive 3D environment.
  • Brand hierarchy information such as SKU and GPC standard classifications are immediately available and can be reused as content in layout and designs.
  • Digital assets are available for reuse between artwork, reducing rework and increasing consistency in brand identification.
  • Assets are managed separately from artwork; you’re notified of changes to assets and can refresh the artwork to view and apply changes immediately.
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    View referenced digital assets, import SKU and QR or barcodes, while working directly in Adobe applications.

This and other designer functionality is available from within the Adobe applications you work in every day.

When designers work in the PLM collaboration platform, other users can participate in workflows and visualize designs and digital assets without Adobe applications. As a result, designers and artwork reviewers participate in seamless review and development processes, saving time, reducing the risk of anyone being out of the loop, and ensuring your products go to market quickly and smoothly.

View packaging design and artwork development in the context of PLM to see the benefits from a designer’s point of view.

For more information, check out some of the product capabilities on the consumer products and retail page.

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Disclaimer: I am the author at PLM ECOSYSTEM, focusing on developing digital-thread platforms with capabilities across CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, ERP, and IT systems to manage the product data lifecycle and connect various industry networks. My opinions may be biased. Articles and thoughts on PLMES represent solely the author's views and not necessarily those of the company. Reviews and mentions do not imply endorsement or recommendations for purchase.

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