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When you are working in sheet metal design, you face a series of unique challenges. Although parts are typically designed in their formed state, they begin as a flat plate or sheet. As a result, manufacturability becomes a critical aspect of every feature making up the finished part. Add to this the need to account for material thickness, along with bend and corner relief, miter deformation features and critical dimensions (inside or outside), and it’s easy to see where challenges can arise.

The white paperSheet metal design: eight quick tips to improve your technique, can help counteract these problems! It describes eight tips to improve your design techniques, increase productivity, and get your sheet metal designs done accurately, quickly, and easily using Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design. Download the white paper today!

You’ll learn techniques to help you:

  • Save time and avoid redundancy in sheet metal design
  • Properly calculate bends
  • Create manufacturing-ready sheet metal flat patterns
  • Reduce your number of features
  • Improve your speed and flexibility
  • And much more
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Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design

A core design capability of Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design is the Sheet Metal environment, which provides an entire design-through-fabrication workflow, using streamlined synchronous modeling methods tailored to the unique needs of sheet metal design.

To meet unique sheet metal design challenges, like manufacturability, Solid Edge streamlines the entire sheet metal product development process, from CAD design through flat pattern and drawing development. With integrated applications for analysis, NC programming, and related tasks, Solid Edge helps you speed design time, improve quality, and reduce costs.

With Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design,

  • Develop Sheet Metal Models with Fewer Steps
  • Easily Make Changes at All Stages of Design
  • Seamlessly Reuse Supplier and Legacy 3D Designs
  • Save Time with Purpose-Built Capabilities
  • Improve Quality with Built-in Design Validation
  • Quickly Create Accurate Drawings
  • Create NC-ready Flat Patterns
  • Use Unique Functions to Easily Build Complex Models
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Download today!

Read the Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design challenges white paper today and learn how to get the most out of your CAD solution when working with sheet metal!

For additional information about Solid Edge solutions for 2D nesting, you can visit our website or simply download a free trial of Solid Edge to give our solutions a try for yourself.

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