siemens plm vietnam

Flexible model
Post Covid-19 it has become a necessity to provide a digital platform for employees as well as your customer.
We know the financial situations post-pandemic, and we are very flexible with payment terms and engagement models.
We can offer different working models to suit your needs:

Pay per need: Our most popular model is pay per need wherein we assign shared support staff to you who can be engaged on demand.
Pay per hour: Consultant reserved and working for you onsite or offshore.
Pay per project: Define work packages, small or big, and we deliver at a fixed price.
IT Support
We guarantee to reduce the cost of your PLM support. We provide PLM support custom to your needs, whether it is 24X7 or specific time zone. Our consultant working in different time zones are very service friendly and have overcome common problems occurring in long distant support. We compliment support activity by regular onsite visits and face to face interaction with users.