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With this on demand webinar Siemens and Virtualware present advances in sharing and visualizing 3D models…

With this on demand webinar Siemens and Virtualware present advances in sharing and visualizing 3D models using the JT file format.

Driven by new ways of working, companies are making the most of 3D visualization and collaboration software deployed on desktop, cloud, and mobile devices in the office, home, factory floor, and in the field.

Sharing 3D models that benefit from product manufacturing information, photorealistic imaging, and virtual reality helps to evaluate products more effectively during design, simulation, and manufacturing processes. Augmented reality is gaining traction too, delivering interactive product training and servicing experiences by superimposing 3D digital models and work instructions on real-world products to assist employees.

3D data interoperability with JT: customer and supplier perspectives

The industry-standard JT file format from Siemens enables high fidelity 3D product designs to be shared efficiently between any and all JT-enabled software for visualization and collaboration. This enables organizations to share or reuse 3D data in different software applications according to their requirements, resulting in higher productivity for the manufacturing, construction, and entertainment sectors. Join our webinar and live Q&A to discover:

  • Why the JT file format is the leading 3D data interoperability, visualization, and collaboration format, with ISO and DIN standard certifications
  • How software vendors and their customers rapidly take advantage of the JT format using a suite of tools from Siemens, including an SDK, free viewing app, web application development tool, and various plug-ins
  • Why Virtualware chose JT to deliver one of the most powerful VR applications on the market for advanced project coordination in VR

The discussion will be well suited to CxOs, product managers, and application developers, working for independent software vendors, or corporate in-house software development departments.


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Mike Zink
Senior Product Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Mike Zink has product management responsibility for the JT Open Toolkit and JT2Go and looks after JT related tools and documents such as the JT File Format Reference, JT plus PDF Acrobat Reader plugin, and JT Unity Plugin. He has been the Technical Coordinator of the JT Open Program since its inception in 2003. Mike has over 40 years of industry experience developing and implementing processes and software for a global list of manufacturing companies.

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David Moreno
Chief Marketing Officer, Virtualware

David is Chief Marketing Officer of Virtualware, one of the pioneering virtual reality companies based in Spain. He’s been working for the company for the past 15 years, starting as UI/UX designer and programmer. Currently he is leading the global marketing strategy, helping companies drive innovation and create value through VR.

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Gaizka Elosegi
VIROO Service Manager, Virtualware

Gaizka is VIROO Service Manager of Virtualware, one of the pioneering virtual reality companies based in Spain. He’s been working in digital transformation (applied to a wide range of industries) for the last 14 years, working as Channel Manager, MOM Product Manager and Research & Development Manager. He currently leads VIROO’s service department and manages customer interactions.

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