What is AWS IoT?

AWS IOT 600x400 1AWS Internet of Things is a managed cloud platform which allows you to connect devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. This platform can support billions of devices and process and route trillions of messages to AWS endpoints.

It allows seamless integration to other devices reliably and securely and can easily scale as your device fleet grows and your business requirements evolve. AWS IoT offers the most comprehensive security features that allow you to create preventative security policies and respond immediately to potential security issues.

AWS IoT is a complete end to end IoT solution. It has the added advantage of seamless integration with AWS services like Amazon Kinesis, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, and Amazon QuickSight. It provides the complete infrastructure to build IoT applications that gather, process, analyze and act on data generated by connected devices, without having to manage any infrastructure.

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Benefit of starting with AWS IoT

Easy to start with AWS IoT

AWS comes with the best documentation which is easy to understand and has the biggest community forum.

High IoT Security Standard

Being a tech giant, it can afford state-of-the-art approaches to solving security issues. To ensure that data exchange between the AWS IoT platform and connected devices is secure all the way, there are multiple authorizations, authentication, and encryption levels. Both authorization methods—the AWS method (SigV4) and the traditional approach using X.509 certificates.

Serverless Architecture support

AWS encourage the use of Serverless application which are great ways to validate small POCs and pilot projects. Serverless Architecture gives you a freedom to focus more on core task rather than infrastructure.

Powerful AWS IoT Analytics paired with AI and Machine Learning

AWS has introduced several essential analytical tools. For example, take AWS IoT Analytics and Amazon Kinesis Analytics, where former one is a powerful service for working with the data received from IoT Devices for historical type of analytics while the latter one a general-purpose tool designed to process streaming data in real time.

Integration across a sheer number of AWS Products and Services

The AWS IoT platform, which consists of eight tools and services for the Internet of Things, is just one offering among more than 100 other Amazon Web Services. The top provider of cloud services has a range of solutions tailored for major customer categories.

Industrial IoT on AWS


  • Industrial IoT bridges the gap between legacy industrial equipment and infrastructure and new technologies such machine learning, cloud, mobile, and edge computing.
  • Enable industrial companies to reason on top of operational data and improve performance, productivity, and efficiency of industrial processes.
  • Minimize Production Downtime.
  • Powerful industry solutions with advanced analytics
  • Enables companies to remotely monitors the performance of machines. High product quality and improved efficiency.


  • Quick Device Connectivity.
  • Secure data ingestion.
  • Extensive device, enterprise systems and edge to cloud connectivity.
  • Easy device management.
  • Supports multiple protocol for device-cloud communication.
  • Simple codebase management.
  • Support for advance data visualization and exploration.
  • Seamless and Secure Integration with AWS Services for advance analytical solutions.


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