AWS IoT Device Defender

AWS IoT Device Defender is a fully managed IoT Security service that will help you to keep your fleet secure. IoT Connected devices are constantly communicating with each other and the cloud using different kinds of wireless communication protocols. While communication creates responsive IoT applications, it can also expose IoT security vulnerabilities and open channels for malicious accidental data leaks. To protect users and devices, IoT devices must be secured and protected. The foundation of IoT security exists within the control, management and set up of connections between devices. Proper protection helps keep data private, restricts access to devices and cloud resources, offers secure ways to connect to the cloud, and audits device usage. An IoT security strategy reduces vulnerabilities by using policies like device identity management, encryption, and access control.

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AWS IoT Device Defender Features

  • Secure Configuration
    You can audit fleets and resources related to their IoT Devices to ensure that they have configured properly. They can perform audits based on Certificates, Policies, Device Connection and accounts Setting. They can schedule their audits based on days and can also perform On-demand audits. For example, you can create an audit to check for identity certificates that are inactive, revoked, expiring or pending transfer in less than 7 days.
  • Detect Anomalies
    This helps to continuously monitor high value security matrix associated with the device such as IP Addresses that the devices communicating with.
  • Receive Alerts
    Whenever an issue is detected the device defender publishes security alerts to the AWS IoT Console, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon SNS.
  • Fix Security Issues
    AWS IoT Device Defender provides contextual and historical information about the device that will help investigate the issue. For example, if the audit violation is about device sharing certificates, then you will get Certificate Id and Device Id along with the recommendation on the necessary steps required to fix the issue. It allows you to view every instance when device violated the defined behaviour.

IoT security challenges

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Analyst and industry experts still call out IoT Security as a number one adoption blocker among enterprises for IoT Technology. The challenge with IoT Security is that IoT devices are not designed with security in mind. The large size of IoT Device fleets presents a huge risk for attacks and challenging to pinpoint problem area. Additionally, these devices are deployed in diverse untrusted environments that are hard to control and access. Deploying a security patch to these devices is not easy and straight forward.



AWS IoT Device Defender is a fully managed service that helps audit, detect, alert and mitigate security violations.

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