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Introducing Solid Edge Value-Based Licensing

Solid Edge Value-Based Licensing enables users to buy cost-effective tokens that can be used to access powerful Solid Edge add-on solutions.

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NX CAD packages for small and medium businesses (SMB) – NX Design

Many startups encounter obstacles in their quest for rapid success. Lengthy development cycles and various challenges impede their progress. This is why

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The Digital Enterprise empowers advanced product design – Thought Leadership

Companies of all sizes and in all industries are facing a future of disruption, uncertainty, and challenge. Product complexity is growing rapidly, due to

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Simulation Guide and Simulation Template – Your ultimate CFD productivity boost – Simcenter

Increase your team’s CFD productivity by storing all relevant simulation information directly inside your simulation file with the Simulation Guide.


Teamcenter Simulation SPDM – What’s your new year’s resolution for 2023? – Simcenter

Mine is usually the same – get organized and work more efficiently! 

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Simcenter Culgi 2211 released! What’s new? – Simcenter

Computational chemists can leverage exciting new features and enhancements to go faster setting up and running simulations across all scales.

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Simulate Bevel Gears Accurately and Efficiently – Simcenter

Many of us can visualize this by thinking back to a Lego Technic differential, which had to be built with various types of gears to transfer the rotational

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Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2210 released! What’s new? – Simcenter

Go faster while modeling the complexity, explore engineering possibilities and turn complexity into a competitive advantage with Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2210.

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Virtual acoustics and sound quality evaluation | Simcenter

Virtual acoustics simulations allow NVH engineers to immerse themselves in a car’s audio experience before its made. This is how they do it.


What’s New in HEEDS 2022.1? | Simcenter

With increasing complexity of workflows being seen across the HEEDS customer base, the release of HEEDS 2022.1 focuses on helping engineers to stay organized.