AWS IoT 1-Click

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With AWS IoT 1-Click, you can easily enable devices to take specific actions and help you work efficiently. These devices can send notifications and messages based on any events or rules by triggering a lambda function. AWS IoT 1-Click can simplify the Internet of Things for customers by abstracting as much detail related to the device hardware and firmware as possible. This makes it possible to view AWS IoT 1-Click devices as software components hosted in the AWS Cloud. As with any other software component, these devices conform to well-defined interfaces.

AWS IoT 1-Click has interfaces defined per device type. You can use these interfaces to build your applications. With AWS IoT 1-Click, you can group devices by function, location, or other criteria. This logical grouping of devices is called a “project” in AWS IoT 1-Click and associate them with a Lambda function that executes your desired action when triggered. You can also track device health and activity with the pre-built reports.

AWS IoT 1-Click supported devices can help you to easily perform actions such as notifying technical support, tracking assets, and replenishing goods or services, sending kids a notification to show off near dining table, sending notification messages to your nearest grocery shop to send you groceries once you are running out of stock. AWS IoT 1-Click supported devices are ready for use right out of the box and eliminate the need for writing your own firmware or configuring them for secure connectivity.

How AWS IoT 1-Click Works

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Benefits and features

  • Easily trigger Lambda functions from simple devices
    Lambda functions can help execute and trigger business logic written in languages including Java, Python, and C#, and trigger actions in the AWS cloud or on-premises based on the events or actions setup. AWS IoT 1-Click supported devices can trigger AWS Lambda functions. It also provides a set of pre-defined Lambda functions for simple actions such as sending an email or SMS.
  • Secure connectivity
    AWS IoT 1-Click supported devices are ready for use right out of the box. IoT Devices are pre-provisioned with certificates at the time of manufacturing to securely connect to AWS cloud. This means that you do not have to create, install, or manage certificates on devices.
  • Easy to manage supported devices
    Using the AWS IoT 1-Click console or iOS or Android mobile app, you can group IoT devices by function, location, or any other desired criteria. This makes easy to manage supported IoT devices. These device groups can then be associated with a Lambda function that executes your desired actions or events when triggered. AWS IoT 1-Click also provides reports to easily monitor your device health, utilization or activity. You can access a pre-built report directly from the AWS IoT 1-Click console, the iOS or Android mobile app, or build a custom report using Amazon CloudWatch.
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