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Simplify Assembly | NX Tips and Tricks – NX Design

The next entry into the NX Tips and Tricks series. In this post, we take a look at Simplify Assembly, and how you can use it within your workflows

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CAD security | A Lifecycle Insights 2022 Study – NX Design

CAD security is huge for companies across the globe. A Lifecycle Insights 2022 study took a closer look at these threats in greater detail.

Teamcenter Simulation SPDM – Correlation made easy with simulation and physical test – Simcenter

Bring physical test data into Teamcenter Simulation SPDM software for easy correlation with CAE simulation

NX for BIM

Software for AEC Design Reviews | Siemens’ NX CAD for BIM

Multi-disciplinary BIM software simplifies the design review process for construction projects through utilizing a single source of truth, the digital twin.

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BIM Structures and Rooms | NX Tips and Tricks – NX Design

Level up your BIM workflows with these powerful NX for BIM features. Learn how to assign room and material properties to building models.

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What’s New in Simcenter Mechanical simulation – 2212 Release – Simcenter

Predict mechanical performance of your detailed product designs across multiple physics disciplines. Learn what’s new in the Simcenter Mechanical 2212 release.

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4 productivity killers in die design – Partners

Inefficient die design approaches can be devastating to profitability and reputation. This blog presents four common mistakes and how to fix them.


How to cool a spacecraft with heat pipes: co-simulate with Simcenter 3D Thermal and Simcenter Amesim – Simcenter

Simulation is essential for thermal management of heat pipes in spacecraft and the sensitive experiments they work on. A process that has just got much easier. Read how

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Digital Transformation – From Databases to Web API and Web Services

Manufacturing is an industry that has been around for centuries. It is an industry that has seen a lot of change, and it is an industry that will continue to see a lot of change in the years to come. Many experts believe that the biggest change that manufacturing will…

50 % decrease in drop inventory. Simulation helps with analysis, optimization, and also with execution. | Tecnomatix

THK of America Uses Siemens Digital Industries Software Plant Simulation to Optimize Manufacturing. Surprising results from feeding simulation data into a customer specific manufacturing system.