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Thanh PLM

  • Responsible for leading, running an experienced IT team, and advising businesses on technology-related issues and how to improve existing IT operations. Manage the IT environment for the company. Simultaneously manage IT Support Group for external customers (KPTU – ALK – HYUNDAI ALUMINUM (HAV), …).
  • Combine cost estimates, human resource requirements, work schedules, and time schedules for IT projects.
  • Lead the IT support team in deploying new systems / upgrading old systems and solving complex problems.
  • I am leading the design and implementation of new technology within the company, which is determined by its requirements.
  • Ensure that the IT team is always focused on the company’s IT requirements & provides excellent service.
  • Tracking all enterprise IT settings by monitoring, monitoring, and reporting on company activity.
  • I am setting up the company’s IT budget in consultation with other business departments, senior management, and key employees.
  • Consulting, technical design, parallel computing design for High-Performance Computing (HPC) projects for Thaco.
  • Consulting, designing, integrating, and deploying IT infrastructure for customers.
  • Project management: working with stakeholders, planning implementation.
  • Having good knowledge of Teamcenter Overall data management and design/implementation (PLM)
  • Virtualization VMware, VMware NSX, VMware vRealize, Hyper-V.
  • Doing technical preparation of technical equipment, bidding documents. Being worked with many types of customers: businesses, government.