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We have experience with PLM implementations from scratch as well as migration from one system to other. We can advise you from a very initial stage such as project approval and CAPEX creation and give you expert advice on various decisions you have to make on the way.

Some of our expert tips for successful implementation:

Identify and develop internal experts to lead implementation.
Secure good support from management. Establish how PLM is important for the business.
Prepare a good quantified cost-benefits study showing ROI.
Establish measurable goals in your project plan that shows the difference.
Strike a good balance between IT and Engineering. Establish clear ownership.
Prepare the business for change from day1 – roadshows, newsletters etc.
Choose externals carefully. Interview if possible. Define the scope clearly.
Follow Agile or sprint mode as much as possible.
Some common source of delays are the following:

Internal resources ramp up.
Servers were not ready on time.
Data cleaning takes more time than expected.
Conflict with scope.
Delta data strategy not defined.
Dependency – Integrations with ERP or other systems.

Based on our extensive experience with PLM projects, we can advise you on some of the below most frequently encountered problems in implementation :

Lack of management support or awareness.
Internal resource availability
Delay in approvals.
Overbooked or loaded key people
Requirements Scope not clear
IT infrastructure or support issues

siemens plm vietnam