How IOT Works?

Everybody talk about IOT,But how IOT works? The Internet has changed everything now-a-days like that IOT is becoming an essential part of the technology and now its a reason for the change in technology. It aims to take the technology, the connectivity between human and tech to another level. Humans can interact with the gadgets to set them up, give them instructions or access the data, but the devices do most of the work on their own without human intervention.

This is because the IOT enables things to connect and collect significant data from various sources to share the data over the internet to communicate with other devices.

There are four main components of IOT

Data processing
User Interface


  •  Sensors are used to gather and share data. Sensors are embedded in every physical device.
  •  Sensors gather the data from the environment in about every minute. This technology of sensor makes IOT security even great.
  • If a device has more than one sensor, then it can do more than just sensing the things. Like, our phones have more than one sensors such as GPS, accelerometer, camera but our phone does not merely detect things.

“As of today, only 7% of US consumers own a wearable device but in the period of the next one year, this value would have crossed 28%."


  • In connectivity, the data collected by sensors requires to send the cloud infrastructure, but it needs a medium to transport.
  • Once the data is collected, it is transferred to the cloud infrastructure which is also called as IOT platforms. These transactions need a medium like satellite networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wide-area networks (WAN).
  • The effectiveness of IoT security highly depends on the speed and availability of these mediums.
  • This medium is chosen by its specifications between power consumption, bandwidth, and range. So it is important to deploy the best connectivity option.

“60% of Americans are already sharing car data with their manufacturer in lieu of free maintenance sessions. This has also opened up a huge window of opportunity for advertisers.."

Data Processing

  • The next step is to an analysis of data when data is reached the cloud infrastructure; it has to be analysed so that the right action can be taken.
  • Next after data collection and sharing the device start processing on it.
  • It’s very simple as like checking the temperature of your freezer or sometimes it has been difficult for identifying the objects (such as intruders in your house) using computer vision on video.

“China dominated in IoT with more than 27% of machine-to-machine connections."

User Interface

  • This is the last step that means that information made available to the end-user. It works through notifying the user through sending messages or emails to their phone or triggering alarms.
  • For Example, sometimes the system doesn’t need the interference of humans to work; like in home automation system if no one is in the home and the system detects any intruders then they are sensed, then the system generate an alert to the owner of the house and also to the concerned authorities.This is how iot works.

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