Edge2Web Director is an application building tool for Mindsphere developers

Edge2Web Director

Edge2Web allows domain experts and app developers to rapidly create high-powered industrial IoT dashboards and applications. It provides comprehensive access to Mindsphere platform services to deliver innovative apps that integrate MindSphere data and analytics with ERP, CRM, Service Management, and other enterprise systems, enabling enterprises to deliver new digital services to customers, suppliers, and partners.

Edge2Web Director deploys as a native MindSphere application, accessible directly from the MindSphere launchpad. Director is deeply integrated with MindSphere Security Services, ensuring the highest levels of data security and privacy. It lets you query and access data from different services offered by MindSphere.

Edge2Web Director Advantages

Develop MindSphere dashboards and applications in hours

Development Time
Build Mindsphere application Faster, easier and affordable development.
Edge2Web Director manages all the token management for integration with Mindsphere Services.
Custom Transformation
Support of custom Java Script and HTML5 for minor transformation and UI modification.
Publish apps to Mindsphere tenant with the push of a button.
Seamless integration with external data sources using REST templates.
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Edge2Web Director Features

  • Instant connectivity to MindSphere asset models, sensor data, ecosystem analytics, events and notifications.
  • Visual editors for building dynamic dashboards and context-driven apps.
  • Extensive library of industrial data visualizations and app components.
  • Native integration with MindSphere Identity Management Service.


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