Our PLM solution is cloud-based, meaning that the data is hosted on an online server, every operation is made through your internet browser, and you do not need to have anything physically installed on your computer. Our solution is still available “on-premise,” though if privately hosting your data is one of your requirements.

Choosing a cloud-based solution also makes scaling up easier, which is highly beneficial for modular functional scopes. Our clients can initially pick the “ and “Product development.” then decide months later to upgrade with the “ and “ modules without any physical IT intervention. This remains true for software updates while a physical update has to be made on your servers, often coming with an additional update cost with on-premise solutions, clients choosing SaaS automatically enjoy the latest version of their software.

Disclaimer: I am the author at PLM ECOSYSTEM, focusing on developing digital-thread platforms with capabilities across CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, ERP, and IT systems to manage the product data lifecycle and connect various industry networks. My opinions may be biased. Articles and thoughts on PLMES represent solely the author's views and not necessarily those of the company. Reviews and mentions do not imply endorsement or recommendations for purchase.