We have several ways of importing data to Teamcenter.

Standard import of text or Excel files

  • The customer has to provide data properly formatted for predefined templates.
  • Allows loading files directly to Teamcenter’s interface, synchronously or asynchronously.

Specific import of Excel files

  • Required when the customer’s data structure is more complex and when specific rules are needed to create or update data in the system.

Other data

  • Any parsable data can be uploaded to the system. Parsable means the data’s structure allows it to be mapped to a database CSV and XML are examples of parsable data.
  • We can’t directly use pdf or Docx ( files as data import sources as they only contain textual data without schema structure.
  • Specific data import requirements always mean additional work for our teams to assimilate your distinct processes and map your data to Teamcenter’s data model and implement these specific rules if necessary.
  • Specific data imports can be done manually, automatically, periodically, or on specific user actions in the system.