Yes, we can interface our PLM with your ERP. We provide different levels of interface complexity and flexibility.

We provide a simple interface based on our standard Mass Data Exchange (MDE) module, based on:

  • an output XML file used to export from Teamcenter to the ERP
  • an input XML file used to import data from the ERP to Teamcenter

Additional specific work can be done to convert the XML file to a format directly pulled from the ERP or pushed into the ERP, such as CSV. This solution is generic and can be applied to any ERP as long as the mapping, transfer, and trigger rules are properly defined.

We can also provide a more complex interface directly inside your Teamcenter application as a custom button calling specific web services. This solution also requires additional work to define web services rules and map and synchronize data with your ERP solution. It’s not generic as web services implementation will depend on the ERP system you have, but it will give more flexibility and user control to manage transfers.