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In its latest effort to deliver greater integration to its customers, Siemens has expanded its partnership with eQ Technologic to harness that company’s eQube Data-as-a-Service platform across its Xcelerator portfolio.

The eQube Data-as-a-Service platform creates digital threads that weave several systems, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Internet of Things (IoT), as well as other IT, engineering, and operations systems together. The platform is a scalable, resilient, and secure Integrated Data Environment that is geared for greater productivity across many industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, technology, energy, food, and consumer goods. The integration with eQube also extends to the Mendix Data Hub, which is a part of the expanded Mendix low-code platform that can help facilitate industrial data and systems integrations using a set of more than 60 smart connectors developed over 20 years.

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eQube platform schematic. (Image courtesy of eQ Technologic.)

“Siemens and eQ have leveraged eQ’s proven technology for many years to successfully help customers in multiple industries to integrate and federate data and processes across systems,” said Tony Hemmelgarn, President, and CEO at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Expanding our partnership can help us build on this success and expand globally across all the industries we serve.”

The need for this greater level of integration comes from the reality that many companies have large amounts of data generated by different applications and strewn over multiple systems. As usable intelligence generated from compiling big data becomes increasingly important as a business strategy, these companies are under pressure to gain meaningful insights from this distributed data and connect with it virtually. The eQube DaaS platform allows for this connected network of integrated data to become a reality so that companies can conduct proper analytics that leads to usable insights.

The partnership between Siemens and eQ is designed to help Siemens’ customers better harness information from numerous sources using an integrated data environment for digital threads, multi-application integrations, orchestration, and virtualization to solve particular business challenges. The first stage of the partnership will involve Siemens offering the Daas platform with over 60 smart connectors, including PLM, ERP, Asset Management, ALM, IoT, and Program & Portfolio and Databases, leveraging the platform for pre-sales, services, and field operations. Using DaaS in conjunction with the Mendix low-code application development platform will further enable users to access distributed data and automate workflows and create new integrated applications.

“We understand the importance and challenge of connecting data and processes across the digital enterprise, including a wide range of PLM products such as Teamcenter from Siemens, ERP, ALM, MES, Asset Management, other enterprise software products, and IoT,” said Dinesh Khaladkar, President and CEO of eQ Technologic. “Extending this partnership can further help Siemens’ customers accelerate digital transformation by connecting and integrating their systems.”

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