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With new versions always come new functionalities and new problems.

It is important to be aware of new limitations while getting excited about new possibilities.

Existing data may not fit.

Customizations may not behave as desired.

Performance may not necessarily improve.

Based on our experience, we make sure you get the full benefit of your investment in upgrade projects. It should not be just a version up but should be a significant gain in functionality and performance. It is also an opportunity to revisit solutions and architecture and possible customizations.

We give utmost importance to thorough testing with end-user involvement to make sure your upgrade is successful.

Some Important Tips for upgrading:

Make a list of reasons you want to upgrade. Verify if the upgrade will really solve those problems or if you need to solve them first. (performance issues can be resolved without an upgrade)
Do cost vs Benefit for new features and changes.
Find a very stable suitable version to detail and check problem reports, bugs reported, and fixes.
Test the selected version thoroughly on your production copy.
Take the upgrade as an opportunity to review and change the environment and data model to make it simple and use OOTB functions as much possible.
Take upgrade as an opportunity to prepare or adapt for future like cloud hosting, FMS hosting, IoT, and Digital Transformation initiatives.
Extract as much value as possible from upgrade investment.
Make life simple for you and your users.