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As you may have noticed, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a key talking point in recent years. And for good reason. By connecting devices to collect and share data, IoT is one of the strongest enablers to accelerating digital transformation.

If you need to improve your factory’s production capacity and the maintenance of your machines (you do) or wanting to reduce energy consumption (you do), the adoption of IoT technology will provide tremendous benefits for your company.

Based on the “IoT Commercial Adoption survey” published by Eclipse Foundation in March 2020, 40% of organizations plan to increase IoT spending in the next fiscal year. Is your company, too? Do you know where and how to start the digital transformation?

In the third episode of our podcast mini-series, “Future-proof with the IoT”, our experts give you recommendations on how to start with digitalization and explain the differences between using the edge and the cloud.

One of the guests in the podcast is Heiko Dickas, team leader of the digitalization team at Siemens Bad Neustadt, an electric motor factory in Germany. His plant is being developed as a showcase factory for digital applications in metalworking. His call to action is very simple: “Start simple and small; learn fast and do your experience but start now.”

Curious to learn more? Then listen to the third episode of the “Future-proof with the IoT” mini-series here:


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