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Read how Hendrick Motorsports went on to win a record 14 championships in the NASCAR premier division with the help of Teamcenter SLM.

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Winning with Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) enables speed to race readiness, reliable engines, maximum performance and continued success.

Not convinced?

Ask Jim McKenzie, an engineering applications manager for Hendrick Motorsports who has worked with his team to win a record 14 championships in the NASCAR premier division with the help of SLM.

With 37 race weekends annually to keep track of, McKenzie’s team needs to ensure all of their assets are accounted for. Teamcenter is used to integrate and connect everything Hendrick Motorsports does, from the shop onto the racetrack.

SLM keeps the engine running

While at the racetrack, they measure out the cycles on the engine itself. This includes several entities that have a finite lifecycle with each entity having a different timeline to “time out,” or need to be replaced. Hendrick Motorsports utilizes SLM to manage and maintain all the different entities.

Using Teamcenter to manage all this data has been crucial to our success over the years.

Jim Mckenzie, Hendrick Motorsports

The system will then keep track and let them know when it is time to replace an engine.

When an engine comes in to be rebuilt, they will look at the cycles and adjust accordingly.

In NX, they design parts handled through Teamcenter. As they begin a new engine build, the engine shop manager knows precisely where they want the engine to go. Whether it’s a super speedway, smaller track, or larger track, the engine components need to be adjusted dependent on those three different configurations.

The engine itself is tracked throughout its entire lifecycle, from the concept to when the engine “times out.” Service lifecycle management plays a key role from the beginning to the end.

They configure engine systems through SLM with the infrastructure manager structure options and variants. They create various conditions and formulas when going from one engine from an open engine to a restricted plate engine. This process used to take engineers 5 hours to change configurations and with SLM can take less than 5 minutes.

A tremendous amount of engineering time is saved by leveraging the Teamcenter SLM solution.  As Mr. McKenzie mentions in the video below – engineering time required to move from 1 engine to another was shortened from 5 hours to less than 5 minutes. As a result, Hendrick Motorsports can spend more time on engineering and testing to make them better and more reliable on the racetrack.

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